Saturday, 30 April 2011

Time to move on (to a new blog).

The Systema Sweden blog has more or less been a way for me to document and communicate the results of my  exploration of martial art (both teaching and practice) and my geeky obsession with subjects such as sports science, bio-mechanics for sports, teaching motor skills, and the Alexander Technique, during the period 2008-2010.  The fruit of my exploration and studies led me to gradually distance my self from representing a specific brand of Russian martial art activity and to the founding of the Göteborg Dynamo Club, which is nothing more than a vessel that will facilitate the research of combat and combat training in an open-ended and non culturally biased manner.
I find the activity of writing rather enjoyable but extremely rewarding, since it helps me put my thoughts into order, so all-in-all, the Systema Sweden blog was both interesting and fun for me. I hope that reading it was productive and insightful for you.
I am going to continue my writing in the Dynamo Club blog, so feel free to visit - I will be more than happy to exchange ideas!
Spyridon V. Katsigiannis